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Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers. We are affiliated Partner to  help our clients and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals. Learn from global experts and get certified by elite universities.

Corporate training is the process of improving necessary job skills and knowledge of a company’s employees through an organized method of instruction. It usually takes the form of online or offline instructional content (textual or video), online or face-to-face lectures and mentorship, actual or virtual group interaction and/or online or physical lab exercises or practical projects.

Corporate training benefits organizations and employees alike by ensuring swift acquisition of the capabilities needed to accomplish corporate goals and success, as well as improving teamwork, employee satisfaction and retention, as well as each employee’s personal skillset, job value and career development. According to a study by the American Society of Training and Development, corporate training has helped enterprises enjoy more than 24% higher profit margins. By adding high-value skills and certifications to their offerings, it has even enabled some organizations to generate more than 200 percent more revenue from each trained employee. Corporate training programs also improve employer reputation and the ability to attract new talent.

Simplilearn’s outcome-centric training programs are different because they focus on the IT and digital economy skills most in demand by enterprises today. Each curriculum is developed and updated by leading experts in each field and aligned to authoritative certification bodies. Our blended learning process combines the convenience of self-paced online learning with the interactivity of instructor-led, live virtual classrooms, the hands-on practice of applied projects or online labs, and a learning management system (LMS) dashboard that provides visibility and support for managers and learners alike. These features drive our industry-leading course completion rates (72 percent) and help our enterprise clients cost-effectively upskill their teams.

Simplilearn provides corporate training in over 15 specialized programs that are focused around four core industry verticals, including Marketing and Automation, Full Stack Development, People & Process, and Data Science/Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our corporate training courses include Digital Marketing, Salesforce, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Cyber Security, Software Development, Agile and Scrum, IT Service and Architecture, Project Management, Quality Management, UX and Design Thinking, Business Productivity Tools, AI and Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science and Business Intelligence (BI). These programs are further divided into specific courses and learning paths that enterprises can choose from

There is no minimum team size required to participate in Simplilearn’s corporate training program. No matter what your team size is, our Customer Success experts will help you develop a learning path that’s ideal for your organization, whether you need to train one single team member or an entire division.

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